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Who is John McCormick

I have been a woodworker since the age of – whenever. I remember my neighbor allowing us into his gigantic Quonset hut workshop on the weekends to build things from his scrap wood bin. His #1 rule – no power tools. This must have been around age 8 or 9. I still have a couple of the boxes I cobbled together back then.

Please visit my galleryOpens in a new tab. to see some of the things I have built over the years. This isn’t everything but a good sampling. I didn’t take pictures of most of them and many of the photos had have been lost over the years. Had I known I would be running a blog site, I might have been more diligent at keeping a record of the things I had built. Who knew?

From this beginning, I have always been able to find places to build small projects and sometimes a bigger project. After High School, I signed up at a vocational college where I was to study the business of woodworking. To my fortune, that is where I met a girl who was pursuing her “Mrs. degree” with some passion. Now, 45 years later, I want to attempt woodworking as a business once again.

About John in the Army
Me as an Army Type

While I have built many things along the way, I haven’t made any money to speak of. My weakness for the “Friends and Family discount” has only strengthened my appreciation for the hobby.

After my diversion from Trade School, I got married and joined the army where we started a family. In those days, it was easy to find places where I could do woodworking projects for a small fee. These were usually operated by the community or in many cases during this time operated by the military base as a community service. These were much like the Maker Spaces that are around today except affordable to small-income folks like me.

After the Army and with the encouragement of a supporting wife, I signed up to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business. About 2 months into that, I came to the hard realization that I had no aptitude for bananas and coconuts (a common analogy to business used by my professors). I made the jump to a new career that was becoming hot at the time – Design Engineering Technology where I learned all about Computer-Aided Design and Drafting. That degree fit me like a glove. This was in 1981 or so (yes, I am ancient) and I have been riding that wave ever since.

Me as the Corporate type.

So why have I started a blog and began posting YouTube videos? The wave I was on is subsiding for me. During my career, I have worked for some very large companies in some very large industries. Yet, I still have that dream of getting up in the morning and making stuff out of wood. There’s nothing like the smell of Walnut in the morning. This is a perfect time for me to start doing that again and Blogging along with YouTube is a perfect way to make that happen. The investment costs are small and – over time – the rewards can be noteworthy. Besides, I need something to occupy my time should I ever decide to retire.

John at Circle M Woodworking
Me as the Woodworker type

If you are interested in how I am making the transition into Blogs and YouTube, here are some links to products I have chosen to help me make the transition. I will point out the Project 24 if full of good information that is updated weekly. Google makes changes every day and that is why it is so important to have someone in your corner that follows Google and understands how to stay on their good side.

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